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Rebranding Yourself In 2020

I sat in church yesterday, it was the first of the month, and I wanted to get my month right spring and lent are both in full swing in the Twin Cities. I was feeling strange yesterday. I felt confused about who I was and where I wanted to go with myself and my Business and overall everything. I had planned later in the month to go on an 8-day trip to Bali, Indonesia. However, with the global pandemic of the Coronavirus, our plans were derailed to go to that part of that world. With all of these things, it's like I lost a little bit of direction in myself. So in total Angelica style, I decided to get up and stop mopping and take some much-needed me-time. I went on down to the nail shop and got myself a Mani and Pedi.

For the past two months, I felt like things had been well. My January was off to a great start, but somewhere February, I got sick with the flu, and it all went downhill from there. Thinking my trip was still on, I powered through before realizing that with everything going on, we needed to cancel the trip. So here we are now in March, and I want to take some time to realign my goals and needs for the year. I want to ask myself what I wanted and what was going to make me happy ultimately. For starters, I always travel to free my mind, and Bali was the one thing I wanted to do for myself in 2020, and now that that got derailed for the month, I have to find a Plan B.

I came up with a few things to help me clear my mind and center myself again!

1. More Meditation and Yoga

I feel like there are never enough hours in a day for self-care. It's like you spend a lot of time doing your work, taking care of others, running errands or chores, and then what's ever left in the day goes to you. Now, if your days are long like mine, sometimes that only an hour and a half because sometimes it's my turn to put my son to bed around 8:30 before heading to bed around 10 pm myself. I want to challenge myself on doing more Yoga and Meditation this month as I proactively work to better myself and give more self-care to myself. It is essential to listen to your body and your mind because it can disrupt your soul.

2. Buying something Nice For Yourself

Ever since becoming a mother, and having more of my income go into a joint account with all the bills and child care costs and little expenses, I don't shop like I use to. I remember my younger self would hit up the mall and buy something on a bi-weekly basis. I had money after all since it was just me. Even when my husband and I got married, outside of household bills, I usually contributed to our joint account a set amount, and the rest was all mine. As I've gotten older and made more money, I started putting more money towards retirement because the thought of sitting at a cube in my 60's was out of the question, and I wanted to build a nest egg that would give me financial freedom. With that said, I sometimes forget to splurge on myself, with my baby's new school uniform, daycare, mortgage, and my student loans, I just always think about tomorrow and never about today. However, I truly believe in spending a little on yourself. Sometimes paying for that pedicure and manicure can do wonder for your self-esteem, or buying that new outfit. Always remember to treat yourself.

3. Spending time with Loved Ones

So being a mom and a wife, I always spend time with my family. I think it's essential. No matter what I'm going through, seeing my baby and husband teaches me how much people take life for granted. I'm always thankful that I have people who I can come home to at night. I think in a world of crazy and people always on the go, it's nice to slow down and spend time with those you love. It is the comfort that feeds your soul and makes you overall happier because with your family, you should always feel loved.

4. Setting Attainable Goals

Now I'm guilty of setting unattainable goals; hence the title is "attainable." I want to set practical, realistic goals for myself that won't stress me out to get there, but at the same time makes me grow and become a better person. Setting progress for yourself is one way for you to become a healthy individual, let's face it everyone has things to work on and improve in their every day, and if you don't believe it well then something is wrong with you! LOL No, but seriously without setting goals for yourself, how will you ever see the progress you've made in your daily life or how far you've come? A few goals I had I listed them below for 2020:

· Grow my Business AEI Graphic Studios

· Save Money and Create Financial Goals for my Business

· Get more into pattern creation with my other Business. (Stay tuned)

· Invest more of my money into the market and retirement accounts

· Eating healthier and continuing my fitness journey

· Yoga and meditation

· Spending more time with my SONshine.

· Reading more books and learning coding

These are reasonable goals; I want to accomplish all of them and be successful in them; however, I wish to be helpful to myself as I complete them and not beat myself up if they don't all come to light. I think it's essential people are gentle with themselves through the development process. Your race is not the same as everyone else's.

As I've created this list of four items mentioned above, I thought about how all of these will help reshape and rebrand myself in this new year. I think as I grow in 2020, I think about all I did in the last ten years and how far I've come. I graduated from college, grew my career, started a business, got married, had child, bought a home, and traveled the world. It has been such an incredible journey! Now I want to ask myself what I'm going to do in the next ten years, where the world will take me and how I will become a better person, a better wife and mother, daughter and sister, and friend and overall person. I think at times, you just have to always ask yourself what you can do to better the world around you and use your purpose to do it. That's why I'm taking this year to rebrand myself and try to listen to my mind and soul more and not waste too much time people-pleasing or doing things just for the gram lol(: Its imperative I stay focused because I feel like this will become a new chapter for me. I'll let you know how the journey goes.

As always,


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