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AEI Graphic Studios is a freelance business that specializes in visual and creative artistry, graphic design and brand development. My mission is to provide marketing services to new entrepreneurs or start-up businesses through logo design, product photography, and brand identity.


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Logo Design


Marketing & Branding

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Product Photography


Website Design


03 Testimonials

Working with Angelica was such a great experience, I would recommend her to anyone who is just starting - Penny Richard Jones

Mrs. Angelica Imhoede is very professional, friendly, responsive, creative and hard-working! When I was in need of help with my Website, branding and marketing material in order to meet my launch deadline, she came to the rescue with amazing results. I know I can count on the services of Business 2 Beauty to respond when I need her and know she will take me and my needs in to account and deliver wonderful results! I cannot speak highly enough of Mrs. Imhoede and her company. I consider her to be apart of my A-Team!

Sabrina Jones

Angelica has a high standard of customer service and works things to get done things fast. She helped me with flyers and logo for my business and got everything back to me as soon as possible.

Hannah Franklin

I really enjoyed working with Angelica for my personal brand. It was helpful for my personal website to go to someone who has a ton of experience.

Jessica Oge


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